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Video: Installing a Flush AV Backbox with Syncbox

We observed a new product making a bit of a stir in the custom-made set up world so we asked the makers to tell us a bit about – Syncbox…

When business are installing Syncbox we make sure that they take pride in doing so since making something look gorgeous as well as sophisticated needs care as well as precision which is what we pride ourselves on.

A Syncbox was just recently installed in a sensational residential or commercial property in London that is currently being refurbished. The slim line box adds to the property’s fresh new look which is what the homeowner wished to implement. The homeowner was extremely pleased with the amount of cover plate styles as well as finishes, whether it be “Exclusive Metal” or “Personal Plastic”.

The metal cover plates are created by focus SB who are extremely prominent for their high high quality covers that are utilized in high-end hotels as well as high-end residential properties. We were able to create the “Antique Bronze” cover for the owner which looks truly great in the living room.

The work was for a business called AV advancement who are very effective when it pertains to installations. The big number of AV as well as electrical installers utilizing Syncbox is constantly growing. They can clearly see that it beats the standard system in a timely manner as well as expense with the added value of its great looks.

Syncbox is now a total variety of products which can be turned into an advanced wiring develop including the four primary elements: TV, Media, Audio & Power. clients are able to adapt the Syncbox to their own special specification as well as with big jobs we can assist with the technical drawings.

Syncbox is now being utilized by the UK’s largest as well as a lot of prestigious home designers like Crest Nicholson, Redrow & Berkeley Homes. in addition to being backed by successful service owner Deborah Meaden for its special style as well as limitless potential.

Syncbox is the only option for a expert TV installation, television makers do not supply a recessed power outlet for plugs or even a recessed power outlet to allow their gorgeous screens to in shape flush to the wall. With the connection cords plugged in, the cords protrude from anything between 35mm as well as 40mm from the wall as well as so we produced the very first recessed power point. With Syncbox all your cord connections are recessed, so your flat screen doesn’t have to sit away from the wall.

The reason why Syncbox is such an in demand product is because of there being so lots of benefits compared to the standard system:

Recesses all power & TV Mounting
Bespoke cover plates
Tidy & secured cabling
Ultra-flush TV mounting
Easy installation
Simple one box system
World-wide adaptable
Save time & money

មានពីក្រុមហ៊ុន Amazon

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Syncbox Direct- Recessed & covered wiring option – TV, Media & speaker Systems

Syncbox direct Recessed socket features a 13 amp socket together with a 50mm clean plate.
Syncbox direct is perfect in wall TV point for homeowners.
A basic as well as simple option to keeping the cords looking clean & tidy


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